Geyapex Technology was founded in 2015, the whole team members own more than 8 year old experience in led grow lights development and manufacturing. We’re the only company who only focus on horticulture led industry. We have provided OEM and ODM service for more than 200 top distributors all over the world, we're proud that many professional growers are still satisfied with the performance of the lamps which were produced by us 5 years ago.

We own 2 modern workshops and 8 production lines as well as 80 skilled workers. We cooperate with national top industry university and share scientific research results. We're dedicated to provide the best user experience and we extremely value our product reviews from our users.

Geyapex Technology registered trademark HortiBloom in 2018 for better global marketing, meanwhile we will release 2-3 new products every year which makes our light always unique on market.

Please feel free to contact us for more details if you’re looking for the best lighting solution for your grow space, we’re sure we can help you !

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